B-Side: Lodrina Cherne On Stalkerware

In this out-of-band episode, we're bringing you the full interview with Lodrina Cherne, a Digital Forensics Expert. Nate Nelson, our senior producer, spoke with Lodrina on Spyware : what is it, how it works, who sells it, and how you can avoid it yourself.

Hosted By

Nate Nelson

Senior Producer

Host of 'The Industrial Security Podcast', and 'Pivoting to Blockchain' podcast. Producer of 'The Adventurous Teacher' podcast. Contributor to 'Curious Minds', 'Waterline' and 'Making History' podcasts.

Special Guest

Lodrina Cherne

Digital Forensics Instructor for the SANS Institute and a Product Manager at Cybereason

Lodrina Cherne has over a decade of experience in digital forensics and a lifelong passion for cybersecurity. Her work focuses on preservation and analysis of electronic evidence including host based analysis of Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS systems in matters concerning Intellectual Property (IP) theft, employment disputes, and evidence tampering. She earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Boston University and has continued her education by earning the GCFE, GCFA, and GASF certifications from GIAC.