Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) [ML B-side]

In May 2021, Following the Solarwinds and the Colonial Pipeline attacks, the Biden administration published a presidential Executive Order mandating the use of SBOMs - Software Bill of Materials - in all government agencies. What are SBOMs and how useful are they in cybersecurity? Nate Nelson talks to two experts: Allan Friedman (CISA) and Chris Blask (Cybeats).

Hosted By

Ran Levi

Exec. Editor @ PI Media

Born in Israel in 1975, Ran studied Electrical Engineering at the Technion Institute of Technology, and worked as an electronics engineer and programmer for several High Tech companies in Israel.
In 2007, created the popular Israeli podcast, Making History, with over 15 million downloads as of July 2022.
Author of 3 books (all in Hebrew): Perpetuum Mobile: About the history of Perpetual Motion Machines; The Little University of Science: A book about all of Science (well, the important bits, anyway) in bite-sized chunks; Battle of Minds: About the history of computer malware.

Special Guest

Chris Blask

Vice President of Strategy @ Cybeats

In the early 1990s while trying to make it easier to get online I accidentally invented a firewall. When it turned out most folks couldn't use it without Network Address Translation I fell into a mop closet and invented that with some colleagues, by carefully arranged random chance. More recently, while ranting about supply chain security in 2019 I tripped over a pile of digital chain, unintentionally placed there earlier for just that purpose, and found myself inventing Attestation Channels (Digital Bill of Materials) with a co-worker.

Allan Friedman, PhD

Senior Advisor and Strategist @ CISA

Wearing the hats of both a technologist and a policy maker, Allan has over 15 years of experience in international cybersecurity and technology policy. His experience and research focuses on economic and market analyses of information security. On the practical side, he has designed, convened, and facilitated national and international multistakeholder processes that have produced real results, helping diverse organizations finding common ground on contentious, cutting edge issues.